​​​​​​​​​​In May 2018, Pampa Energía inaugurated Wind Farm Ing. Mario Cebreiro that contributes with 100 MW of renewable energy to the national system and had an investment of 3.000 million pesos.

The wind farm, located just 20 kilometers from Bahía Blanca, province of Buenos Aires, operates 29 wind turbines, each of them consisting of four sections of tower, a nacelle and three blades that push the turbines with a total diameter of 126 meters. For the installment of these wind turbines, highly sophisticated work were undertaken on platforms and foundations, similar to other wind farms of these characteristics worldwide.

The electric generators, joined to the axis (87 meters tall) of the turbine, will generate electricity of 33 KV. Several internal collector circuits were put in place to connect to two transformers of 132 KV, then the energy will be delivered to the electric substation Bahía Blanca, property of TRANSBA, located on the other side of provincial Route 51, in front of Wind Farm Mario Cebreiro.

This was the first project, of this technology and scale, part of Renew 1 plan, in full operation. In addition, Pampa has already started working in three other projects, located in: an area adjacent to Wind Farm Mario Cebreiro, in Coronel Rosales (25 km from Bahía Blanca) and Las Armas area (province of Buenos Aires). Each new park will have a capacity of 50 MW, therefore, by the end of these projects, Pampa will increase its wind energy by 250 MW.​​