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We invest in energy, to create
more energy

The professionalism and passion at Pampa Energía have enabled us to become one of the most important energy companies in the country.

We participate in power generation and transmission. Pampa generates electricity from 5,070 MW, combining thermal and hydroelectric power plants, as well as wind farms. The Company is engaged in the power transmission through the co-control of Transener, that operates 85% of the high voltage transmission lines of the country.

We have developed intense activity at exploration and production of oil and gas, with presence in 13 production blocks and 5 exploration blocks, located in the country’s most relevant basins. As co-controllers of Transportadora del Gas del Sur (TGS), we transport 60% of the gas consumed in Argentina.

In Pampa we elaborate a wide range of petrochemical products, and we are the main producers of polystyrene, styrene and rubber in Argentina.

We are listed in the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (BASE) represented by the ticker “PAMP” and listed in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) since October 9, 2009, represented by the ticker “PAM”.


To be an emblematic company in the Argentine energy sector, distinguished by its commitment, operational excellence and continuous growth.


To develop people and foster productive investment in the country and highest standards upon ethical values, integrating and attaining sustainable performance.

Our History

In the year 2005, Grupo Emes (previously known as Grupo Dolphin), that had already incorporated important energy related assets, acquired Frigorífico Pampa S.A., a company listed in the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (BASE) since the 1940s, but had not had any commercial activity for some time.

This company became the main vehicle in which the founders consolidated all of its investments in the country’s energy industry. First it was renamed to Pampa Holding S.A. and later, given our activity in the energy sector, changed to Pampa Energía S.A.

From that moment forward, a new journey started with a particular aspiration: to become the most important integrated energy company in Argentina. Below are a few milestones along the way:

November 2005
Grupo Emes (previously known as Grupo Dolphin) acquired Pampa Energía in order to consolidate their investments in the energy sector.
May 2006
We increased our capital in 140 million shares at AR$1.00 per share.
September 2006
We increased our capital in 300 million shares at AR $1.15 per share and acquired Transener co-control.
October 2006
We acquired controlling stakes of hydroelectric plants Los Nihuiles and Diamante.
December 2006
We acquired a controlling stake of Central Térmica Guemes.
May 2007
We acquired Central Térmica Loma de La Lata.
August 2007
We acquired Central Térmica Piedra Buena.
September 2007
We acquired a controlling stake in Edenor through a share swap, and increased our capital in 480 million shares at AR$2.61 per share to carry out the exchange.
July 2008
Central Térmica Güemes completes a 100MW capacity expansion through an US$80 million investment.
October 2009
We started trading our ADS´s in the NYSE by the ticker “PAM”.
April 2011
We acquired Transportadora de Gas del Sur (TGS) co-control.
November 2011
Completement of the combined cycle at Central Térmica Loma de Lata, with an improved capacity of 180MW, through a US$250 million investment.
November 2013
We closed an agreement with YPF, in which we committed to an investment of US$151,5 million through our subsidiary Petrolera Pampa, in exchange of 50% of the hydrocarbon production of the area of Rincón del Mangrullo, located in the province of Neuquén.
January 2014
Petrolera Pampa goes public on the BASE (Buenos Aires Stock Exchange).
December 2015
We invested US$100 million to acquire a new LMS 100 Turbine for Loma de la Lata thermoelectric power plant.
July 2016
We acquired the majority stake and control of Petrobras Argentina SA for $US892 million.
November 2016
We merged with Petrobras Argentina and began operating as a single organization since November 1st 2016, under the name Pampa Energía.
January 2017
We issued a bond for US$750 million for 10 years.
May 2017
New Turbine LMS 100 was acquired for Thermal Power Plant Loma de la Lata with an investment of US$105 million.
August 2017
We opened the Thermal Power Plant Parque Pilar with a 100MW capacity, with a US$100 million investment.
December 2017
Thermal Power Plant Ingeniero White started operating with a 100MW capacity, with a US$100 million investment.
May 2018
Our first wind farm Ingeniero Mario Cebreiro started operating with a 100MW capacity, demanding a total investment of US$130 million.
May 2018
We started constructions for two additional wind farms in Bahía Blanca, each with a 50MW capacity, with a total investment of US$140 million.
March 2019
Inauguration of wind farm Pampa Energía II, located in Bahía Blanca, with a 53MW capacity, with an investment of US$70 million.
June 2019
Along with YPF, we acquired the thermal power plant Ensenada Barragán.
July 2019
Inauguration of wind farm Pampa Energía III in the area of Coronel Rosales with a US$70 million investment.
July 2020
Completement of the second combined cycle at Genelba Thermal Power Plant, which now has an installed capacity of 1243MW, and demanded an investment of $350 million dollars.
June 2021
On June 30, 2021, took place the closing of the sale of controlling stake in Edenor, announced on December 28, 2020, transferring the Class A common share ownership representing 51% of the capital stock and votes of Edenor.
December 2022
On December 12, 2022, we announced the execution of the agreement for the purchase of 100% of Vientos de Arauco Renovables S.A.U., a company that operates Arauco II, a wind farm with a 100 MW rated capacity located in the province of La Rioja, for a price of 171 million U.S. dollars.
Main Officers

Marcos Marcelo Mindlin, born in January 19, 1964, has been member of Pampa Energía’s Board of Directors since June 2006, and currently serving as the Board’s Chairman of Pampa Energía. From 1991 to 2003, Mr. Mindlin was shareholder, vice-chairman and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of IRSA, a leading Argentine real estate company. Additionally, Mr. Mindlin served as vice-president of Alto Palermo S.A., a leading owner and operator of shopping centers in Buenos Aires, and as vice-president of Cresud S.A.I.C., one of the largest listed agricultural companies in Argentina. From 1999 to 2004, Mr. Mindlin also served as a director and member of the executive committee of Banco Hipotecario, the leading mortgage bank in Argentina. Mr. Mindlin has extensive expertise in Latin America through his roles in Brazil Realty in Brazil and Fondos de Valores Inmobiliarios in Venezuela. In November 2003, Mr. Mindlin resigned from IRSA to focus his work on Grupo EMES (formerly Grupo Dolphin). Currently, Mr. Mindlin is shareholder and chairman of Grupo EMES. In addition, Mr. Mindlin founded and is the chairman of a non-profit organization called Fundación Pampa Energía Comprometidos con la Educación, whose purpose is to improve childhood development and education. Mr. Mindlin is also a former chairman of the board of the executive committee of Tzedaká, a leading Jewish-Argentine foundation, and is a member of the Council of the Americas. Mr. Mindlin holds an MBA from the CEMA University (Center of Macroeconomic Studies), and a degree in economics from the Buenos Aires University.

Gustavo Mariani, born on September 9, 1970, has been member of Pampa Energía’s Board of Directors since November 2005 and serves as CEO of Pampa Energía. Mr. Mariani is shareholder and director of Grupo EMES (formerly Grupo Dolphin), having joined that company as an analyst in 1993 and having served as investment portfolio manager. In addition, Mr. Mariani is a member of the management board of Fundación Pampa Energía Comprometidos con la Educación. Mr. Mariani holds a degree in economics from the Belgrano University, a Master’s Degree in Finance from the CEMA University and the designation of CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst).

Ricardo Alejandro Torres, born on March 26, 1958, has been member of Pampa Energía’s Board of Directors since November 2005 and serves as executive vice president of Pampa. From 2012 to 2021 and from 2015 to 2021, Mr. Torres served as chairman and CEO of Edenor, respectively. Previously, Mr. Torres was partner at Darwin Inversiones. From 1993 and 2001 Mr. Torres served as financial director of IRSA, a leading Argentine real estate company, and as a director of Alto Palermo and Brazil Realty. Currently, Mr. Torres is partner of Todos Capital and Pop Argentina. Mr. Torres holds a degree in Public Accounting from the Buenos Aires University and an MBA from the Business School at Austral University. In addition, Mr. Torres is a member of the management board of Fundación Pampa Energía and Chairman of La Fundación Observatorio Argentinos por la Educación.

Damián Miguel Mindlin, born on January 3, 1966, has been member of Pampa Energía’s Board of Directors since November 2005 and serves as director of procurement, assets security and marketing director. Mr. Mindlin is shareholder and vice-president of Grupo EMES (formerly Grupo Dolphin), having joined that company in 1991. Since November 2003, Mr. Mindlin serves as Grupo Dolphin’s investment portfolio manager. Moreover, Mr. Mindlin is a member of the management board of Fundación Pampa Energía Comprometidos con la Educación.

Nicolás Mindlin, was born on November 11, 1989, he is an alternate director of Pampa since April 2017 and executive director of finances and M&A as from November 2021. Mr. Mindlin joined Pampa in 2014 and served as director for strategy overseeing the Company’s M&A, as well as affiliates and overseas businesses (which continue under his supervision as CFO). Moreover, during 2020 and 2021 Mr. Mindlin leaded the petrochemicals segment. Previously, Mr. Mindlin worked at the Deutsche Bank Argentine branch. Mr. Mindlin is an Industrial Engineer, graduated from the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires.

Horacio Jorge Tomás Turri, was born on March 19, 1961. Mr. Turri is an industrial engineer and received his degree at Technological Institute of Buenos Aires. Mr. Turri served as CEO of Central Puerto S.A., Hidroeléctrica Piedra del Águila and Gener Argentina S.A. He worked as an analyst of investment projects in the oil, gas and electricity sectors at SACEIF Luis Dreyfus from 1990 to 1992. He also worked at Arthur Andersen & Co. and Schlumberger Wireline in 1987-1990 and 1985-1987, respectively. Currently he is serving as executive director of exploration and production of Pampa.

María Carolina Sigwald, was born on November 15, 1967. She is the executive director of legal affairs of the Company since November 2017. She started her professional career as a legal counsel in Central Puerto after its privatization and then joined Chadbourne & Parke in New York, and later joined the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) in Washington. Ms. Sigwald returned to Argentina in 1998 as founding partner of Law Firm Díaz Bobillo, Sigwald & Vittone, where she performed as external advisor for energy companies, Pampa Energia among them. Before entering Pampa, between 2015 and 2017 Ms. Sigwald was director of regulatory and legal affairs at Edenor, our electricity distribution subsidiary. Moreover, she holds seat at Transportadora de Gas del Sur’s and Telefónica de Argentina’s board of directors. Ms. Sigwald obtained her law degree from the University of Buenos Aires, where she graduated with honors.

Mauricio Penta, born on July 23, 1976. He is an alternate director of Pampa since April 2018 and currently works as executive director of administration and IT of the Company. Previously, Mr. Penta worked for Deloitte and Grupo Cencosud as Tax Manager. Mr. Penta is a Certified Public Accountant from the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa and he received an MBA from the Business School of Austral University.

Corporate Governance

At Pampa we believe that the best way of preserving and protecting our investors is to adopt and implement the best corporate governance practices, which consolidate us as one of the most trustworthy and transparent companies in the market.

For such purpose, we constantly strive to incorporate those practices by taking into account international market trends, as well as domestic and foreign applicable corporate governance standards and rules.​

Company Structure


“No podemos perder la memoria, debemos recordar de dónde venimos como Fundación y con qué valores”

Alejandro Mindlin

Los primeros pasos nos permitieron conocer, percibir e identificar la energía que deseamos multiplicar y distribuir entre toda la comunidad. Cada uno de ellos, constituyó el impulso de sueños traducidos en acción.