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Pampa Foundation and Community

Our social investment actions and programs are led jointly with the Pampa Foundation. With a strong commitment to society, we develop programs contributing to improving people’s quality of life and strengthening the capabilities of institutions in the communities where we have a presence. Projects are designed and implemented around 3 axes: education, employment, and social inclusion.

The Foundation

Education and Training

We believe that education is key to development and social and labor inclusion. Therefore, we seek to promote equal opportunities for children and young people in vulnerable situations.

By granting scholarships, we seek to support the completion of secondary education studies and university insertion for teenagers. We team with school authorities, training teaching staff and improving building and equipment conditions.

Under the Professional training program, we address secondary, college, and university education through monetary scholarships, tutoring, workshops, group training sessions, and visits to work environments.

Youth Project

The Youth Project is a call for innovation and triple impact projects targeted at university and college students and graduates, including Pampa Energía Foundation’s Scholars Network. Projects will go through evaluation instances, and winners will receive mentoring, accompaniment, and monetary encouragement prizes.

As part of teacher training, we develop initiatives offering spaces for exchange, reflection, and the acquisition of new tools in the educational area.

At the institutional level, under the Community and educational institutions improvement program, we have performed refurbishments and donated equipment to schools and training centers.

Since 2011, we have implemented ‘Energy Researchers,’ a program in the natural and social sciences areas originally aimed at primary schools’ second cycle and currently also being developed at the kindergarten level. The program seeks to raise awareness on the responsible use of energy and encourage scientific thinking in kids through the inquiry-based learning methodology. 

In 2020, we launched the ‘Pampa Foundation Schools Network’ program, an educational space transforming teaching methodologies through teacher training and the provision of tools. This collaborative network contributes to schools’ institutional improvement and the development of activities positively impacting educational indicators.

Job training

We perform first job workshops and professional practices with secondary, college, and university students so that they may consolidate and expand their employment possibilities. We also offer job training courses in topics associated with our business or for skills in demand in the community.


We look forward to contribute to social, economic and environmental development, and to the improvement of life quality in communities where we are present.

Pampa’s volunteering program

We believe that our employees are our best asset and that each of them can put their energy and knowledge to the service of those needing them most.

That is why we have set up Volunteering Committees to generate spaces reflecting the volunteers’ interests.

We have developed three volunteering categories:

Strategic alliances for community development

We design and execute projects in coordination with municipalities and civil organizations. These projects arise from dialog and mapping processes with our stakeholders to identify problem areas in each community and define strategic lines of action associated with our business. The main lines of actions are: 

Pampa Responds

We accompany specific community demands that, in line with our work axes, contribute to fulfilling common goals. These goals may take the form of project support, financing for projects submitted by NGOs or public agencies, and donations to entities performing field work contributing to the development of their activities.