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Pampa Foundation and Community

All of our social-related programs and activities are conducted with the collaboration of Fundación Pampa Energía. We have a strong commitment to society, that is why we invest in programs that help people achieve a better life quality, strengthening the capacities of institutions in the communities in which we operate. These projects are based on 3 main topics: education, employment and social inclusion.


Education and Formation

We believe that education is the key to development, and to social and labor inclusion. This is why we seek to promote equal opportunities among children and young people that find themselves in a vulnerable situation.

We believe that education is the key to development, and to social and labor inclusion. This is why we seek to promote equal opportunities among children and young people that find themselves in a vulnerable situation.

By granting scholarships, we intend to support students to finalize their high school education, and to help young adults to insert themselves in universities.

We collaborate with school´s board of directors, supporting the formation of professional teachers, as well as improving the infrastructure and equipment conditions.

Within the Professional training program, we cover secondary education, tertiary education, college education, and due to financial scholarships, we also cover tutorials, workshops, group training and visits to work environments.

Regarding teaching formation, we develop initiatives that promote dialogue, reflection and the acquisition of new tools to apply in the educational context.

In the institutional framework, within the Program of improvements in educational and community institutions, we donate equipment to schools and formation centers.

Job training

We create first job workshops and professional practices for young students for them to consolidate and to increase their opportunities of getting a job. We also develop professional training in areas related to our business or activities demanded by the community.


We look forward to contribute to social, economic and environmental development, and to the improvement of life quality in communities where we are present.

Pampa volunteer

We think that our people are our most valuable asset and that each of them can contribute with their energy, to the service of those who need it the most. For this reason, we formed the Volunteer Committees, in order to create a space for them to collaborate.

We developed 3 volunteer categories:

  • Professional Volunteer: People participate in activities where they can put their skills and their specific knowledge into practice, for causes or organization that need that kind of assistance.
  • Fixing and improving infrastructure of organizations from communities, where we are present.
  • Annual campaigns, que llegan a diferentes activos en momentos o fechas específicas del año.

Strategic alliances for community development

We design our projects in coordination with municipalities and other organizations. These projects arise from the mapping and dialogue processes we carry out with our stakeholders. Through those processes we identify problems in each community and define strategic lines of actions. The main lines of actions are: 

  • SUSTAINABLE ENERGY: We develop social projects that facilitate access to energy through renewable sources
  • SUSTAINABLE CONSUMPTION: We carry out actions that contribute to raising awareness of waste differentiation, collection and recycling, and we support productive ventures with social and /or environmental impact.
  • JOB CAPACITATION: We promote the creation of decent employment by providing job experiences to profiles related to our business, or demanded by the community.
  • STRENGTHENING OF LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS: We collaborate with improvements in the management of the institutions with which we cooperate, by creating training programs and providing support to develop projects.

Pampa Responds

We attend specific demands coming from the communities where we are present, that are aligned to our work axes. This cooperation contributes to the fulfillment of common objectives. They can be presented as support for projects, providing financial assistance to projects presented by NGO´s or public institutions, and donations to entities that operate in the territory and that contribute to the development of their activities.

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