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HR – Human Resources

Pampa Attitude

It is our behavioral model, which reflects the way we like to do things.
These are the six attitudes inspiring our culture:

We generate positive energy

We assume an enthusiastic and optimistic attitude to reach goals that seem impossible.
We work with passion, enjoying what we do.
We undertake every challenge with perseverance and professionalism.

Pampa's Culture

We promote an agile, dynamic and excellent workplace in which our people have the possibility to grow professionally and be active participants in the growth of the company.

We aim to improve day by day, through challenging projects that allow us to become one of the most important companies of the entire country.

Young Talent

Our Young Professionals Program

In Pampa we are eager to have talented individuals in our teams, while providing them development, education and opportunities for a challenging career.

Our Young Talent Program is a 6-month duration program in which the participants rotate through different areas of the company, strategically associated to their professional interests and to their ultimate job position in the company.

Throughout the program, we invite the participants to learn and understand our business as a collaborative and systemic enterprise, in which different teams exchange ideas and proposals with their respective leaders.

Get to know the Young Talent Pampa experience

Wellness Program

Our wellness program «Sumá Bienestar» provides a variety of benefits and initiatives to accompany Pampa employees and their families at every moment of their life.


In this annual event of inspiring talks, employees from different areas share their stories of overcoming, transformation and resilience.

Pampa with Family

Every year, in all of our offices, we celebrate Family Day inviting our employees´ families to have a glimpse of our workplace and share a day full of games and activities.

Work at Pampa

If you are looking for a dynamic and challenging workplace, Pampa Energía is just for you!

Upload your information and CV, and we will consider you for our next job search.